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Vollrath Culture Video Series

Vollrath's culture is woven into all aspects of our business and people, from the way our employees respect all people and believe that everyone has something to contribute to the way we encourage our employees to take ownership and action to seize opportunities to improve themselves, their teams and the business.

Five vital elements of our culture are Respect, Ownership, Empowerment, Commitment and seeing each employee as a whole person who has a Life Beyond Work.

Listen to the testimonials about each culture value from the people who help create The Vollrath Company culture.

Culture Introduction with Paul Bartelt

Rich Rupp on "Treating all People with Respect"

Dave Main on "Treating all People with Respect"

Jason Skrepenski on "Taking Ownership"

Quinn Kruse on "Taking Ownership"

Chuck Smiley on "Empowering Action"

Sarah Bennett on "Empowering Action"

Paula Dowd on "Commitment to Stakeholders"

Megan Lutze on "Commitment to Stakeholders"

Vollrath Culture and "Life Beyond Work"