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2016 Kitchen Innovations® Award winner gives attendees firsthand look at newly launched AutoVend system

KIEL, WI – Stoelting Foodservice, a division of The Vollrath Company, a leading manufacturer of foodservice equipment and smallwares, announces its participation in the highly anticipated National Restaurant Association® (NRA) Show, held from May 21-24 in Chicago, Illinois at McCormick Place. Stoelting plans to give attendees an exclusive opportunity to view and demo its newly launched award-winning AutoVend system, a frozen soft-serve vending machine that is designed to generate revenue with a significantly lower investment in retail floor space, operations and staffing.

Committed to providing store owners and operators with smart innovations that make everyday operation easy – and reduce the need for maintenance and repairs, Stoelting’s AutoVend control system includes a robust reporting interface dashboard capable of connecting and monitoring the machine through Wi-Fi or cellular 3G/4G at any time. The customizable reporting interface features real-time product inventory management including amount of product sold, trends, and historical data versus real-time information, along with monitoring product temperatures and maintenance frequencies. The dashboard’s optional service management component is capable of sending instant email notifications if a problem is detected and can automatically dispatch technicians through a specific service channel.

“The AutoVend system offers frozen soft serve from a vending machine that operates independently in only 18 square-foot of retail space,” said Rich Koehl, general manager of Stoelting Foodservice. “The primary application for these machines is any retail environment that offers up to 24-hour access including colleges, convenience stores, transportation venues, healthcare facilities, business and industry locations, etc.”

The AutoVend dispenses two flavors individually or combined as a twist, along with up to four toppings in multiple sizes, and includes one spoon per cup. The ice cream is ready to be consumed within 30 seconds of the items being selected. The machine can dispense 154 servings before a refill is needed. It can accept cash, credit or debit cards, coupons or vouchers, and is Near Field Compliant (i.e. Apple Pay).

The AutoVend is a recipient of the 2016 NRA Kitchen Innovations Award.

Also making its debut at the NRA Show this year is Stoelting’s newest portion control machine, the U431-Portion Control. Meeting the demand of high-volume operations, the U431 with portion control has an adjustable dispense rate for a customizable serving size. The machine’s refrigerated mix storage cabinet holds two 8-gallon mix containers for use with or without a bag connection system. With an Energy Conservation Mode option, the U431-Portion Control products product from over-agitating during slow or non-draw periods.

Also meeting the demand for high-volume operations is Stoelting’s latest version of the popular F231 Gravity Soft Serve/Yogurt Freezer, the F231-2X which features two 5 gallon hoppers instead of the standard 3 gallon. It features a simplified design for quick assembly and reassembly for cleaning and maintenance. The machine also features new Delrin® food grade plastic blades that provide quiet operation and superior durability.

Both the U431-Portion and the F231-2X feature a similar intuitive interface control system to the AutoVend that provides operator information and enhanced service diagnostics to the operator.  

Stoelting will also showcase its latest innovation designed to make parts removal for equipment cleaning and reassembly easier than ever for several of its most popular equipment models. The new Organized Hopper Cover with part compartments features convenient individual part holders for the removable machine components, excluding the auger and front door. The easy-to-identify holders for each part are ideal for safe placement during cleaning and maintenance. The new hopper cover will come standard for the F231, E131, F131, SF121, F144 and SF144 on orders placed after July 2016 (models with auto-fill are not included).

Stoelting’s equipment and accessories will be showcased at booth 4037 in the South Hall of McCormick Place. The AutoVend machine will also be showcased in the interactive Kitchen Innovations Pavilion at booth 2440K, also in the South Hall. For more information on Stoelting’s product offerings, visit www.stoeltingfoodservice.com. For more information about the show, visit show.restaurant.org.

About Stoelting

Stoelting Foodservice, a division of The Vollrath Company, is an industry leader in frozen treat equipment, offering a broad and premium line of soft serve, frozen custard, batch, and frozen beverage dispensing equipment that supports a wide range of foodservice venues. For more information about Stoelting, its products, facilities in the US, Europe and Mexico, and the foodservice industries it serves, visit www.stoeltingfoodservice.com.

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The Vollrath Company, based in Sheboygan, Wisc., has a reputation for the design, development and manufacture of the foodservice industry’s finest smallwares and equipment. With a collection of exceptional people, industry leading products, and helpful consultative services, Vollrath is assembled for one purpose – to advance the art of hospitality. For more information about The Vollrath Company, its products, facilities in the US, Europe, Mexico and China, and the 19 foodservice industries it serves, visit www.vollrath.com.

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