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Sheboygan, Wis. – Vollrath Company and the Sheboygan United Auto Workers Local 1472 have not yet reached an agreement on the labor contract that expired April 1, 2022. While negotiations continue, the union plans to invoke its right to implement a work stoppage starting Monday, April 4 at the Sheboygan facility.

The Vollrath Company remains willing and open to negotiating a fair and equitable contract that provides the basis for continued long-term employment for its valued union workers as well as a viable future for the company.


About The Vollrath Company

Founded in 1874 and based in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, The Vollrath Company is a privately held, family-owned and, today, a six- and seventh-generation woman-owned company. It has 10 factories spread across the United States, Europe and China that manufacture products to exacting quality standards globally, backed by outstanding customer service. The company focuses on quality design, engineering and manufacturing across its business divisions for foodservice and custom and specialty products. For more information, visit vollrathcompany.com.