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4-Series Induction Ranges feature superior heating, temperature control and efficiency

Sheboygan, Wis. – January 16, 2020 – Gas ranges have found their match. The Vollrath Company, a leader in the foodservice equipment industry, introduces the next generation of induction ranges that will convince the biggest skeptics. The new 4-Series Countertop Induction Ranges make a sweeping statement, matching or exceeding the performance of gas ranges in all key aspects. Temperature control is more accurate while time to boil is 28 percent faster than gas and 19 percent faster than competitive induction ranges.

The 4-Series ranges offer an expanded magnetic field, smarter pan detection technology, along with a temperature control probe on some models. The expanded magnetic field emulates gas to allow uninterrupted heat when the user lifts or tilts a pan on the range to sauté or flip. It is easy to program cooking sequences and each range is equipped with patented circuitry that delivers steady, unparalleled power. The sleek, completely redesigned models are ideal for front-of-the-house cooking as well as sautéing, simmering and searing in the back of the house.

The enhancements add to all the benefits chefs already love about the technology – powerful heating, temperature control, efficiency and reliability – while also being easy to use and maintain.

Watch a video that explains the 4-Series Induction Ranges in more detail

The main feature that chefs who are used to cooking with gas but take a chance on state-of-the-art induction technology are so surprised by and love is the flame-like responsiveness of these burners. “We worked very closely with several chefs in the product development,” says Becky Guentner, category manager at Vollrath. “It’s invaluable to get direct feedback from professionals and be able to integrate that into your process to create a product that works in a real-life kitchen environment.”

Find out what chef/owner Justin Carlisle from Ardent in Milwaukee, Wis. and executive chef Loren Rue from Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan, Wis. have to say about Vollrath’s completely redesigned induction technology.

The 4-Series includes medium and high-power induction ranges with knob or slider controls. Knob control models are available in 1440W and 1800W, and slider control models with temperature probe and programmability in 1440W and 1800W. High power models with temperature and programmability come in 2600W, 3000W and 3800W.

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