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Corporate Giving

Thank you for your interest in collaborating with The Vollrath Company, where we are committed to our customers, employees and the communities we serve.



What kinds of donations does Vollrath make?

Vollrath donates cash, raffle/auction items and products.


Do I need to be a nonprofit organization to apply?

Vollrath primarily donates to nonprofit organizations with the following IRS designations:

  • 501(c)(1): Government Entities

  • 501(c)(3): Public Charities

  • 501(c)(8): Fraternal Beneficiary Societies and Associations

  • 501(c)(10): Domestic Fraternal Societies and Associations

  • 501(c)(19) and 501(c)(23): Post or Organization of Past or Present Members of the Armed Forces and Veterans Organizations

Vollrath employees may make a request for funding of an internal fundraiser or sports team sponsorship.


What is Vollrath's donation service area?

Vollrath will consider grant applications from nonprofit organizations in the communities in which we are located and in which our employees live and work.


Do you have a grant deadline?

Vollrath has a rolling grant cycle and accepts donation requests throughout the year. 


How often can I apply?

It is the policy of Vollrath to make one monetary, one product donation and one raffle/auction donation per organization, per calendar year. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact Tracey Schulte at tracey.schulte@vollrathco.com.


What types of programs and projects does Vollrath support?

Vollrath welcomes proposals for programs and projects that enrich the communities our employees live and work.

Primary focus areas include the following:

  • Cultural Enrichment 

    • Historic Preservation

    • Support for the Arts

  • Education 

    • At-Risk Youth

    • Culinary

    • Innovation

    • Workforce Readiness

  • Vibrant Communities 

    • Adult Sports

    • Animal Protection

    • Community Development

    • Environmental Preservation

    • Health and Well-Being

    • Stable Neighbors and Neighborhoods

    • Youth Sports


What types of requests does Vollrath not accept?

Vollrath does not accept requests for monetary donations to the following:

  • *Amateur Sports Teams

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing Homes

  • Pageant/Talent Competitions

  • Professional Athletic Events

  • Projects of Political Nature

  • *Public/Private K-12 Schools

  • *Religious Organizations

  • School Trips

  • Semester Abroad Programs

*Would be considered for Vollrath employees and their families.


 Email your donation request to info@vollrathco.com. We will confirm receipt and respond within 45 days.