At Vollrath, sustainability is a fundamental consideration in how the business is run, day to day and long term, as it strives to use resources wisely. Economic and environmental sustainability efforts are focused on two pillars: manufacturing and products.

Sustainability at Work

Discover how the sustainability team at Vollrath is making minimal changes that are making a difference.

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In the manufacturing and administrative facilities, Vollrath is committed to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly practices that reduce waste through recycling and reusing whenever possible. The business has achieved significant improvements over the last decade including reducing intercompany transport waste by 50% with reusable totes and plastic pallets, and zero-particulate emissions at the Sheboygan, Wisconsin, headquarters by installing high-efficiency heaters. Recycling is top of mind with cardboard, stretch plastic and scrap programs, as well as personal recycling bins for employees.


When it comes to products, Vollrath’s primary goal is to design and engineer energy-efficient, long-lasting products that will last many years, and not prematurely end up in a landfill. Recyclable materials are incorporated whenever possible and each manufacturing plant employs a closed-loop system that continuously recycles metal scraps. In fact, 50% of Vollrath’s products are made from recycled stainless steel.

From implementing improvements at manufacturing plants that utilize lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement initiatives, to establishing robust recycling programs and producing energy-efficient products, Vollrath is proud of its long list of sustainability advancements and is always looking for new and innovative ways to do more.

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