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Kiel, WI – September 4, 2018 – The International Manufacturing and Technology Show (IMTS), hosted by The Association for Manufacturing Technology from September 10-15 in Chicago, is the largest and longest running manufacturing technology trade show in the United States. It is held every other year and is recognized as one of the world’s pre-eminent stages for introducing and selling manufacturing equipment and technology. At the show, Stoelting Cleaning Equipment, a division of Vollrath Company, will showcase a wide variety of its technology, process solutions and engineering advancements for industrial cleaning applications.

Known for its robust line of industrial and electronic cleaning equipment, Stoelting will exhibit fundamental product solutions designed to help operators reduce costs, increase profitability, conserve limited resources and meet tightening purity requirements.

“Stoelting first works with our customers to understand their problem and develop a complete cleaning process. We then match that process by manufacturing the right sized, custom cleaning equipment. As a result, Stoelting has lead the way in providing cleaning solutions for a wide variety of industries including everything from automotive, aviation and aerospace, to electronics, fuel injectors and power generated turbines,” said Bill Engler, director of sales for Stoelting Cleaning Equipment. “The IMTS Show is a great opportunity for us to present process solutions and technology to existing and potential customers.”



Industrial Applications:

VersaForce® Versatile Cell Washer

Designed for manufacturing cells, the VersaForce Versatile Cell Washer features a compact design with flexible construction options including in-line, stand alone and U-bend. It has an exclusive spray tube design and adjustable air knives. The machine can also be configured with Stoelting’s innovative squeegee technology.


The AquaForce aqueous industrial conveyor parts washer provides effective cleaning for many industrial applications, utilizing a high impact, patented spray tube design. Re-circulatory wet stages and blow off heat stages are available in electric, gas or steam.

Cabinet Spray Washer

Stoelting’s Cabinet Spray Washer is utilized for a wide variety of industrial parts cleaning applications, including: aluminum extrusions, formed metal cylinders, shock absorbers, wheel rims and bearings. The unit comes standard with load capacities from 300 to 40,000 pounds and turntable sizes that range from 24 to 120 inches in diameter. The spray washer includes cycles for wash, rinse and blow-off.

Mini Parts Washer

A popular compact conveyor cleaning system for small parts such stampings, hardware, small machined components and bearings, the Stoelting Mini Parts Washer comes standard with six to 12-inch belt widths, along with automatic loading, cleaning and unloading.

UltraSonic Applications

Lewis Large Series and Nearfield® Ultrasonic Tank Systems

Removing difficult contaminants in short cycles, Stoelting’s ultrasonic cleaning systems deliver industry-leading cleaning energy to both small and larger mass parts. Nearfield cleaning systems are powered by opposing magnetostrictive transducers operating at different frequencies. Applications include removing buffing compounds from polished parts, removing grinding swarf from surgical needles, and critical cleaning of high throughput automotive parts. Stoelting’s on-site testing lab and engineering team at its headquarters in Kiel, Wisconsin, can determine the correct process parameters for any application, including part orientation, process times, stages and chemistry.

The Stoelting Cleaning Equipment booth #121303 (East Hall, Level 2) will also feature a daily giveaway for the chance to win a Yeti Tundra 35 Cooler.


Stoelting Cleaning Equipment, a Vollrath company, designs and manufactures a complete line of spray and ultrasonic cleaning equipment for manufacturing operations, including general industrial, machining and stamping, electronics, automotive, aerospace and entertainment applications. Stoelting Cleaning has sales and services operations located throughout the world. At its headquarters in Kiel, Wisconsin, Stoelting Cleaning has full service engineering and technical service departments, along with a state-of-the-art cleaning test laboratory. For more information, visit stoeltingcleaning.com.


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