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No-touch openers provide sanitary solution for one of the most dreaded contact points

Sheboygan, Wis. – Vollrath Company expands its offering with another product that helps provide some peace of mind while locales around the country are slowly opening again. The new hands-free door pulls make sure doorways stay clean and hygienic without actual hands touching them. Options include foot operated or arm operated.

“Our new hands-free door pulls are a great option to provide a more hygienic way for people to enter and leave a space through a doorway and reduce the spread of germs and contaminants,” said Paul Egbert, vice president of Smallwares and Countertop Equipment for Vollrath.

Both are easy to assemble at the bottom or at arm-level of traffic doors, double acting doors, cooler doors, swinging doors or latching doors with the latch disengaged. Users simply place their foot on the foot plate or place their forearm in the arm plate and pull toward them to open the door. The plates are constructed of stainless steel, which ensures years of durable performance.

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