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Frozen Treat Equipment

Since 1905, Stoelting Foodservice has been providing high-quality frozen treat equipment to create delicious frozen desserts while providing ease of operation and effortless cleaning. As an industry leader, we offer a broad and premium line of equipment including soft serve and frozen yogurt, shake and smoothie, frozen custard and Italian ice, frozen beverage, and batch that supports a wide range of foodservice venues from small shops to large chains.

Stoelting Foodservice

High-quality frozen treat equipment that is easy to use, easy to maintain, easy to own.

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Commercial Food Service

Our industry-leading products bring innovative efficiency to today’s food service operations. From fully customizable buffet setups to an award-winning induction cooking station, we take functionality to a whole new level. 

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Manufacturing Services & Cleaning Equipment

Our industrial cleaning and manufacturing services divisions deliver outstanding capabilities, cutting-edge innovation and reliable performance to create customized solutions that fit our customers’ needs. 

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Consumer Cookware & Bakeware

We provide tools to create moments with those who matter most. NUCU is offered exclusively to specialty kitchen retailers. Come Create, Share and Enjoy with us.