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Vollrath is Everywhere

You may not realize it but, at some point today, you likely made contact with a product either made or impacted by Vollrath. Whether you were dining at a local restaurant, bustling through a busy airport, cheering on your favorite team at a major sports venue, or surfing the web, you are in the company of our goods or other products supported by our processes.

Vollrath Foodservice

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Business & Industry

An array of competitive factors is driving businesses to be ever more diligent about gaining a return on investment in human capital.

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Convenience Stores

Foodservice is becoming an increasingly worthy, and in some cases, driving component in producing convenience store revenues and deepening customer relationships, particularly during a time when gasoline price volatility can affect the bottom line.

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Government & Military

What could be more important than keeping the ones that serve our country in top shape? It's your job to provide healthy meals, maintain cleanliness, and keep our Government/Military personnel safe from the kitchen to the table.

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Healthcare & Assisted Living

Food and beverage take center stage at senior living facilities where today’s seniors’ expectations for food quality and pleasurable dining experiences are elevated more than ever before.

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Hotel, Lodging & Casino

Attractive and durable products that create and maintain an air of relaxation while displaying beautifully crafted food.

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From the kitchen to the front of the house, Vollrath works every day to make your business and your customers’ experience better, more efficient, and more inspired.

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Getting kids to fill half their plates with fruits and veggies can be challenging. Check out our fresh ideas for cutting costs, increasing meal participation, improving quality, and more.

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Stadiums, Arenas & Convention Centers

Everywhere in America, at arenas, theme parks, stadiums, shopping malls and zoos, Vollrath products are a key component for driving sales.

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Draw attention to your food serving station without an expensive investment in new equipment, guarantee portion control regardless of who is serving, and find attractive heating and warming equipment to maintain optimal food conditions in your supermarket.

Stoelting Food Service

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Business & Industry

With smoothies and frozen or chilled coffee options down the hall, your employees will need a new reason to leave the office. Whether it's for a quick breakfast or for an afternoon boost, our equipment can help you expand your beverage and frozen treat menu offerings to help promote healthy lifestyles and productivity. 

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Convenience Stores

As a convenience store owner, you have the challenge of pleasing customers from all walks of life with individual needs. Use our equipment to easily switch from serving soft serve to serving shakes, or better yet, serve both at the same time with Stoelting's combination machines.

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Healthcare & Assisted Living

As senior living facilities become more competitive, it's important to offer services that will make your operation stand out. Foodservice is a department that can easily be updated and improved by small changes, such as changing menu offerings. Meet the high expectations of your residents by using Stoelting equipment to deliver a variety of products, consistently. 

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Hotels, Resorts and Cruise Lines

Your challenge is to both entertain and satisfy guests from around the country and the world. You need products that are durable and reliable, and offer menu flexibility. Stoelting understands the value of functional equipment that helps create a unique experience for your guests. Our cutting edge controls help take the guess work out of operation while increasing your serving flexibility.

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Nothing compares to seeing the needs of your customers met and exceeded. From providing great customer service to exceptional products, you have a lot going on in your operation. Focus your energy on crafting new recipes and flavors of custard, and let us focus on providing the reliable machines that produce the final product. 

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Children's health is a growing concern across the country, and most desserts are high in calories and fat. Frozen yogurt is a great alternative to traditional ice cream, and healthy smoothies and shakes are growing in demand on breakfast menus. Stoelting’s robust offering of products helps produce fun, healthy, and satisfyingly sweet treats.

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Stadiums, Arenas & Convention Centers

Whether it's before, during, or after an event, your customers are looking for a variety of food choices at any given time. That's why Stoelting designs equipment that offers the convenience to serve frozen beverages, shakes, smoothies or frozen cocktails.

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Now more than ever, we are seeing grocery stores moving towards the trend of having in-store foodservice operations. This offers the customers the convenience of quick dining options, as well as enjoying a dessert after shopping. Add Stoelting equipment to your store to complete your foodservice offering.

Vollrath Manufacturing Services

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Appliance manufacturers are challenged with staying ahead of the market by producing product that is more innovative and higher-quality than your competitors, yet still competitively priced. They come to us to find a knowledgeable supplier that works with them through short development and supply times in order to get new products to market faster and meet changing design trends. 

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Commercial Foodservice

With 140 years of commercial foodservice manufacturing experience, we understand the challenges of the industry. As part of the Vollrath family of companies, Vollrath Manufacturing Services (VMS) leverages our experience to meet a variety of needs.

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We are an experienced manufacturer serving the energy industry. We supply components for a variety of energy-related customers including oil/gas pipeline, electricity, solar and stand-by power. We design and manufacture products to be reliable and safe while saving money and delivering results. 

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Fitness & Recreation

Consumers are becoming increasingly more interested in finding new ways to stay active, whether for health and wellness or just a new adventure. As new fitness and recreation trends come and go, manufacturers strive to offer a wide range of innovative solutions that provide engaging experiences while maintaining a balance between cost and value. 

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Heavy Equipment

Customers continuously look for new ways to simplify and improve their day-to-day operations and products that withstand constant use. Many companies partner with Vollrath Manufacturing Services (VMS), to help them exceed these expectations by providing highly engineered components for heavy equipment. 

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Medical & Biotechnology

Healthcare manufacturers and suppliers are expected to improve efficiencies and minimize costs, all while keeping patients safe and comfortable. Choosing Vollrath Manufacturing Services (VMS) as an OEM partner means you will exceed these expectations. In addition to a wide variety of standard stainless steel and poly-carbonate medical components, we custom manufacture components for lab, surgery and patient care needs. 

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Water Filtration & Purification

Customers trust Manufacturers in the water purification industry to help them achieve pure, safe water – whether it’s in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting. That’s why we’ve worked with global water companies to produce high-quality components.

Stoelting Cleaning

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Stoelting Cleaning Equipment offers a complete line of parts washers to provide effective solutions for the cleaning needs of the aviation and aerospace industries. 

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Whether they are fresh off the line or getting a new lease on life, automotive parts need to be clean. From adding the finishing touch to removing years of dirt and grime, our machines are up to the task.   

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No matter how small or delicate a component is, you can trust a Stoelting machine to get the job done right. 

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General Industrial

Companies pour countless time and resources into each and every product that leaves the shop. Our machines ensure that every piece looks its best before it heads out the door. 

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Any piece of equipment meant to improve vision can only work to its full potential if it’s clean. We feature a full lineup of equipment that achieves a spotless finish.